Saturday, January 27, 2018

Starting Your own Sportsbook

Many sports bettors have at one time or another thought about opening their own sportsbook.  In most cases, bookies become discouraged once they find out the cost of starting one.  Starting your own sportsbook is actually easy to do if you use a sportsbook pay per head provider.

This is because the cost of becoming a bookie with a pay per head service is very low compared to using a white label sports betting operation or buying and maintaining a sports betting software.

In most cases, a white label sportsbook will cost $15,000-$45,000 for the setup fee and between 10%-18% of your monthly revenue commission.  For the person that chooses to buy or create their own sports betting software, the cost will vary between $100,000 to $350,000 plus server, maintenance and staff fees.

Needless to say, it is expensive to start your own sportsbook.  There is however a solution for the bookie that only has a few players, wants to expand slowly and has a limited budget.

The Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution

The solution is to use a sportsbook pay per head provider.  A sportsbook pay per head allows you to have not only a sports betting software but also an online casino, live casino and racebook at a very affordable price

What happens is that you pay a weekly fee for all of your players ranging from $5 to $20 and your players get access to a generic sportsbook.

In addition, you get full control of your players like access to what games and products, betting limits, banking and so on.  Some sportsbook pay per head service also have phone wagering and if you pay extra, you can have your own white label online sportsbook.

They are several companies that offer these type of services and we won't go as to which is the best(sportsbook pay per head reviews) but we will tell you that for a start-up operation, this is the best way to go as you will be saving thousands of dollars.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Comparing Sports Betting Platform - Korean Sports Betting

Many people often ask which is the best betting platform.  Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer  as it all depends on the user.  Some user prefer a simple platform that is straight to the point where they can see their balance and place a straight bet.

Other users like to get a full experience where they get many types of bets available.

Taking a look at the different types of online sports betting users, we will first start by differentiating them by country starting with South Korean preferrences

Korean Sports Betting

In Korea, the user obviously prefers different types of odds.  In the United States, people like to use American odds while in Europe, they tend to gravitate towards decimal odds.

In Korea however, most sports betting in Korea tends to be done in decimal and Malaysian odds.  And when it comes to football betting, they like Asian handicap.

This in itself would make the sports betting platform a bit more complicated but as shown at this sports betting site, it is actually quite simple because Asian customers tend to like a straight forward approach to betting.

많은 사람들은 최고의 도박 플랫폼 인 부탁드립니다. 모든 사용자에 따라 불행하게도, 더 명확한 답이 없다. 일부 사용자는 바로 그들의 균형을보고 스트레이트 베팅을 할 수있는 점이다 간단한 플랫폼을 선호한다.

다른 사용자는 사용할 수 베팅의 많은 종류를 얻을 전체 경험을 얻을 것을 좋아합니다.

사용자 베팅 온라인 스포츠의 다른 유형을 살펴보면, 우리는 먼저 한국의 환경 설정으로 시작하는 국가별로 차별화가 시작됩니다

한국어 스포츠 도박

한국의 경우, 사용자는 명백하게 확률의 다른 유형을 선호한다. 미국에서는, 사람들은 유럽에서, 그들은 소수 확률으로 몰리는 경향이있는 동안 미국의 확률을 사용하려면.

한국에서는 그러나, 한국의 대부분의 스포츠 도박 소수점과 말레이시아 확률에서 수행되는 경향이있다. 이 축구 도박에 올 때, 그들은 아시아 핸디캡을 좋아한다.

아시아 고객이 도박에 똑바로 앞으로 접근 방식을 좋아하는 경향이 있기 때문에 그 자체로이 더 복잡하지만 같은이 스포츠 도박 사이트에 표시된 조금, 실제로 매우 간단 플랫폼을 베팅 스포츠를 만들 것입니다.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lines Managers vs Automated Lines

30 years ago the lines manager was one of the more important person in a sports betting outfit as the decisions of the lines manager and the fast response of his team were key in whether a sportsbook would make money or not.

Top lines manager would easily break the 6 digit numbers in terms of salaries along with a nice hefty bonus at the end of the NFL football season.

Today, technology has become so advance that players are using sports software and programs to give them an edge in their betting choices.  One of the biggest craze being arbitrage software which enable players to bet on both sides of a game using different bookmakers.

This is of course frowned upon by the wagering industry but what can they do...

This has led to a lot of refinement in the way sportsbooks are taking care of their lines which has led to a new rise in sports betting software technology called automated lines.

These automated software basically go around the internet looking at lines from other bookmakers and making sports lines movement decisions on their own.  The algorithm for some of these programs are very complex and can often give the sportsbook a higher hold.

Does this mean that these automated odds program are the end of the lines managers?  Some bookies seem to think so but I have to disagree as it may work for a small or start-up sports betting operation but medium to large size sportsbook need them as making lines changes is not just about numbers but also about instincts.

Every book has different types of players and bookies know how to handle their big clients.

In the end, I believe that sports betting lines managers are safe for the moment and if they are able to combine their skills with automated lines programs,, smart books are bound to increase their hold by as much as 0.05%.